Flysurfer News

    Holi Colors – The Film by Flysurfer Kiteboarding

    27.03.2015: Are you ready for something special, something truly unique and something that will simply blow your mind? We present you: "Holi Colors - The Film" A creative project by Flysurfer Kiteboarding and Woop...

    French Snowkite Race Championship 2015

    26.03.2015: French Snowkite Race Championship 2015, 21-22 of March - Col du Lautaret (French Alps) The French snowkite racing championship was supposed to have 2 stops but the first event in the center of...

    Angles – Yusca Balogh – Flysurfer kiteboarding

    25.03.2015: It has been a while since Nick (from Lifely) teamed up with Flysurfer & MBS rider Yusca Balogh. For a new upcoming video project, some new stabilizing video gear needed to be...