Flysurfer News

    Mt.Blackburn2014 – exploring new dimensions!

    30.01.2015: After two years of planning with many hardships, three friends from Munich made their way into a unique adventure: The Mount Blackburn Project. Achieving such a project would be a major challenge,...

    FLYSURFER brings the ultimate RACE machine!

    26.01.2015: Flysurfer has always been performance-oriented… with the SONIC-FR (= Full Race) we will bring a highly tuned racing machine for the ambitious and expert racers to the starting lines. If you have...

    Flysurfer Int. Dealer Meeting 2014/15

    26.01.2015: The FLYSURFER Innovation Days (Dealer Meeting) happens once a year when many of the worldwide importers and dealers meet to see and test new products and ideas from Flysurfer and Flyboards. This...