Flysurfer News

    BOOST…the high performance L.E.I rocket!

    d.m.Y: BOOST, the second L.E.I. product line from Flysurfer Kiteboarding has it all. Each size is tuned for extreme performance with double 3D-shaping and pretensioning technology. Pervade the sky with the extremely smooth...

    Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus – now in 6.0m!

    d.m.Y: FLYSURFER continues to expand their most successful all-terrain ram-air foil kite line with the SPEED4 Lotus 6.0m. Check out this nice video with FLYSURFER rider Andrea Jandová having fun on the 6.0m...

    Yusca & Timo’s trip around the world

    d.m.Y: FLYSURFER & MBS rider Yusca Balogh together with Timo van ’t End had a dream to do a 3,5 month long journey around the globe. With stops in Los Angeles, the Cooke...