Flysurfer News

    Surf Worldcup Poderdorf 2015 – Kitesurf Team Challenge report

    30.04.2015: The annual summer surf opening in Austria is always held in surf city Podersdorf, where strong thermal breezes kick in during spring. Each year this event covers both kitesurfing and windsurfing and...

    Sonic-FR … built to win!

    29.04.2015: Extreme power and efficiency for unique riding thrills. The new Flysurfer SONIC Full Race opens a new chapter in ram-air foilkite history. This master piece provides race-performance that can be enjoyed to...

    MOONLIT – Kiting from Dusk till Dawn

    28.04.2015: We set out to seek the purest moment on the water while kitesurfing, without others and mostly in silence. After some deliberation, moonlight kite sessions were born, to enjoy freedom to the...