• // 3rd place European Championschip in Course Racing


3rd place European Championschip in Course Racing


Report from Christine Bönniger

This years European Championship in course racing took place on Hangloose Beach, in Lamezia Terme (Southitaly), from the 24th – 28th of July. The wind conditions changed from day to day, so there was something in for everybody, from light to strong wind. I had some highs but unfortunatly also some lows during the course of the event.

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For me it was hard to prepare mentally after the ten days long competition and fantastic results in St. Peter-Ording. Although I had a good start at the first day with the rankings 3, 5, 5 and 2. The second day was the one I want to erase from my memory … shortly after the start I crashed and was run over by another competitor. I got hit on my head but I managed to dive down and only got hit by the fins on my body. I suffered a brain concussion and lost my orientation and I got treated on the spot. Through this situation I experienced a shock and for me it was clear that I had to come back on to the water immediately, firstly not to miss another race and secondly not to evolve fear.

I got the ok from the doctor and because of changing wind conditions and the change of the course I made it to the second race! I made it to the upwind barrel on second place but crashed downwind because of a floating plastic bag. This race is a good example for the whole competition: either the wind changed and I used the wrong kite size or I was on the way pretty good but got tackled by rubish or the race comittee layed out the downwind gate so badly that it was not possible to pass it.

Despite all of that I was able to reach an advantage of points, and in the end I reached the third place!


All the best!

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