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King Of the Digue 2013


Saturday 20th July the «King Of the Digue» contest took place in «Dunkerque». This event was a very successfull one with a cool Airstyle competition organised by the local kite club «DFC» (Dunkerque Flysurfing Club). We were 20 kiteboarders ready to fly high and improve our old-school riding high in the sky! The wind was about 15 to 18 knots Side-On, I was riding with my Flysurfer Speed3 15m CE and my Flyradical 2012.

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We were 4 riders per heat, 7 minutes riding time per heat to show our best old-school tricks to get qualified for the finals. All the guys did some pretty nice moves with hangtime, loads of grabs and some cool loops from guys like Maxime Cervier and Aymeric Backelandt. I managed to do some pretty high 720’s tail grabs, varial boards offs, some grabs (nuclear and tail grab) on the wave’s kickers, and some big spins like the 1080 mute grabe!

I took the 2nd place at this super cool Airstyle event, and Maxime Cervier (local rider) took the 1st place landing a pretty high dangle pass and some strong loops. It’s very cool to see that there are more and more «Airstyle» events, because old-school riding is a very good show for the spectators and it’s really fun to do!

King OF the Digue 2013 from lolo BSD™ on Vimeo.

Fly high and ride safe, wish you all a super cool summer 2013 with a lot of sun and a lot of smiles, everyday is a Kite day!

lolo BSD.

pics & video by Lolo BSD

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