• // Triple King Contest 2013, Dunkerque, France

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Triple King Contest 2013, Dunkerque, France


It has been a while since the last big Airstyle event has been organized around the world, this time it was held in the north of France, at the Dunkerque Flysurfing Club (DFC), where in the days before this competition, the French National Freestyle Championship also took place, which was won by Paul Serin (Naish).

The Triple King Contest consists of 3 championships, the French Freestyle championships, the Sosh SUP Challenge and the International Airstyle contest. Which took place on the last 3 days of the event. Our FLYSURFER importer Nico Lelarge was there the whole week with permanent booth presence on the beach for interested customers and testers, with the complete FLYBOARDS and FLYSURFER line-up.

At the end of the week he was joined by our International Sales Manager as well as FLYSURFER riders Tim Gilles and Yusca Balogh from the Netherlands, which together with the already present French FLYSURFER rider Laurent Guyot, were looking forward to competing in the International Airstyle competition. Also kiteforum.com owner Toby Brauer was attending the competition.

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Weather was on our hands, with 2 out of 3 days with good winds, slightly gusty and off-shore, but certainly rideable, with winds from 15-20 knots. Riders chose Speed3 CE kites in 12m & 15m for the competition. With 22 competitors in the men’s competition, everybody knew it would be an awesome fight. Yusca had a great day with high airstyle moves, handle-pass combinations and great board-off’s, unfortunately he met his match against Toby Brauer in the quarter finals, leaving Yusca with a well deserved 5th place in the event. The elimination ladder continued and Toby (on a Flyboards Radical3 M) continued to show great airstyle moves and consistency. Deserving him the win in the 4 man final heat.

Also worthy of mentioning is that Laurent Guyot, was able to do two 15 second jumps/flights, when he got a double gust on the second and on the last day of the event, throwing him up certainly 10 meters in the air, Laurent, through his snowkite experience, was well capable of controlling the gusts and landed smoothly and screaming after 4 kiteloops through the zenith both times!

On the last day an Airstyle Expression session was done, where all competitors could compete all at the same time on the water, in a 30 minute heat, the one who impressed the judges the most won. Yusca went big, throwing in all his Airstyle moves and looked to be perfectly in control in the gusty conditions. Ending his heat with an unhooked board-off as well as super high straight handle-pass. Earning him the win of the day! Congratulations from the whole Flysurfer team.

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Also a big compliment to the event, the organizers and the Dunkerque Flysurfing Club for their hospitality and great organization.

Results International Airstyle Competition:

  1. Toby Brauer
  2. Paul Serin
  3. Antoine Fermon

Results International Airstyle Expression Session:

  1. Yusca Balogh (FLYSURFER)

all pictures © Ramon Schoenmaker – Flysurfer

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