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France KiteLandBoarding Championship 2013


A report by lolo BSD:

Last week the «France KLB Championship» took place in Leucate in top south of France, on the famous LandKiting spot of «La Franqui».The last France KLB Championship was in 2007, 6 years ago, and this year the «KSL» (KiteSurf Leucate club) organized this huge event, and it was a big success!

Many riders from all the country came to compete and have fun together and there were 2 disciplines, Race and Freestyle.

We were 27 racers, and 12 freestylers, ready to ride our best level to show that Land Kiting is still here and continue to push the level up! The wind was about 13 knots all day long, a clear and nice wind from the sea, just perfect for this spot with a hard ground, and a hard sun! We did 4 races, 2 races with a downwind and upwind slalom for the return, and 2 races about 4km of downwind/upwind.

I managed to take the 1st place in the first race, 4th place in the second race, and the 2nd place in the last two races. The downwind part was pretty fast, and i had to use some technical positions for the upwind parts to go faster as possible…I was riding my Speed3 15m CE for the race, which is my favorite kite for the wind between 10 and 15 knots, this kite goes maximum upwind is a full power traction, good manageability and maximum stability, just perfect for this race! After the races finished, all the riders and the organization took a nice meal, and a cool break under the sun, time to chill and have some cool returns about the race between the riders…

At 2PM we started the Freestyle event, which is my favorite! I decided to continue to ride with my Speed3 15m CE, i love to ride this kite hooked and unhooked in this wind condition about 13 knots.

The Freestyle kite area was perfect, hard ground, a nice kicker, big sun, blue sky, and lot of spectators, it was time to do the show! The first heats was cool to see, i was surprised to see that the KLB level is definitely going up in France, some riders landed some cool boards off and unhooked tricks, it’s a big pleasure to see all those riders pushing the level up! I managed to get qualified to the Final after cool heats, we were 3 at the Final Heat, my Flysurfer Team mate «Benoit Miquel», the PeterLynn rider «Romain Feaux» and me.

«Benoit» was riding his Speed3 12m CE, «Romain» was riding his 17m LEI kite.

We did this final in a 10 minutes heat, enough time to push each other to our best level! Benoit landed some very nice «Flat 3» and «720 unhooked back rolls» on the kicker and some cool hooked boards off and spins, he used his snowkiter experience and it worked pretty well! Benoit is this kind of rider who is not afraid to do some crazy tricks on snow, land and water, that’s why he’s one of the best Kiteboarder for me.

Romain did a nice run too, with nice inverted rolls and some cool unhooked spins with surface pass landings, i could see that he’s still training on new tricks, Romain has his own style and that’s why we like his riding!

And for my part, i tried to land all my new tricks, like the «front to wrapped», 1080 to blind and some other old-school trix with toe side and blinds.
I managed to do some cool 180 aerial board offs on the kicker, it’s always a nice feeling to fly and get the board off your foot… that’s why i love Flysurfer kites, because of the crazy hang time you can get with those kites!!

To resume, This return of the «France KLB Championship» was a Big success, most of the KLB France scene was there, it was so cool to see all those guys and to meet some new faces, we are all good friends and this event was 100% good spirit with lot of smiles!

I started Kiteboarding on Land something like 8 years ago, at the beginning i was dreaming to do some boards off and fly over the grass and the sand with my kite, i could never imagine than one day I’ll be the French KiteLandBoarding Freestyle Champion…

It’s a big honor for me, and a very cool reward for all those times training on the spot to push my level up.
It is the proof that if you want something, if you are passionate, you can have what you want!

Now it’s time to say a Big Thank You to all the KSL KiteSurf Leucate Team to have organized perfectly this huge event, once again this was a big success!

Big up to all the KiteLandBoarders who went there with good vibrations and super nice spirit, it was so cool to ride together on this awesome spot, and i hope to see you soon all on the LandKite, Snowkite and Kitesurf spots!

Hope to see more European riders next time, special Big up to «Passi» and his dad «Maik» for coming there and ride hard, it’s always a pleasure to see Passi and Maik at the KLB events all over Europe 😉
My last Thanks go to my sponsors who help me a lot in my Kiteboarder career, so Thank you Flysurfer Kiteboarding, Flyboards, X-shape flyingboards, Mood, and Babakite prokiteshop.

See you soon on the Landkite, Snowkite and Kitesurf spots!
Keep smiling and enjoying life as much as you can 😉

lolo BSD.


Race :

1 Christophe Guiomar «Toto» (HQ)
2 Laurent Guyot «lolo BSD» (Flysurfer)
3 Anthony Cottard (Libre)

Race veterans :

1 Lionel Labouré
2 Philippe Veyssière «Mr Green» (Flysurfer)
3 Jerome Duseigneur

Freestyle Junior :

1 Pascal Schmidt «Passi» (HQ)
2 Julian Krikken

Freestyle senior :

1 Laurent Guyot «lolo BSD» (Flysurfer)
2 Benoit Miquel «la mouette» (Flysurfer)
3 Romain Feaux «Romoutz» (PeterLynn)

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