• // Never Ending Season Party in Lithuania


Never Ending Season Party in Lithuania


Flysurfer teamriders Yusca Balogh and Dylan van der Meij got invited by the Lithuanian Flysurfer importer Mindaugas to visit his country. The goal for this trip was set, have a lot of fun, see some of the Lithuanian culture, prove that a foil kite can be used as a freestyle kite and check out the biggest local kiteboarding competition.
Yusca and Dylan arrived the 18th of September in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. This is the place where Mindaugas lives. After the pick up from the airport the crew discovered the city centre of Vilnius. The city is filled with old, beautiful buildings and cosy restaurants and bars and has great atmosphere.

After picking up a caravan the guys drove to the seashore, from Vilnius to the kitespot is a 5 hour drive. The kitespot is called Svencelė, on this spot there are several kiteshops and other facilities like a 2.0 wakeboard cable system with obstacles. On the first day the wind was super light and slightly offshore. Yusca and Dylan tried to ride on the spot with their biggest kites, after 1 hour of riding in the afternoon the wind died.

The next day was competition day! There was a wake and kiteboarding competition. The wind was slowly picking up so the organisation decided to start with the wakeboarding competition on the 2.0 system. With only a 3 Euro’s entry fee Dylan decided to enter the competition despite the fact he never tried a 2.0 system before. The top 4 guys from the qualifiers made it in the final, eventually Dylan came in on a nice 4th place.

Now the kite competition was held just 40 meters away from the wakeboard cable. Yusca was up in the first heat and impressed the local crowd with high handle-passes and cool jumps with lots of rotations. Yusca was riding his favourite kite, the Speed3 CE 12m DLX. Unfortunately the judges didn’t think this was good enough to beat the other competitors who focused more on new-school riding.

After Dylan’s first heat the wind died a little bit, he had to switch from his 10m Speed4 DLX to his 12m Speed3 CE DLX. By performing powered and diverse riding, Dylan won heat by heat, eventually making it into the finals which he won! A great victory for Flysurfer & Dylan. Thumbs up!

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