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Flymasters 2013 Event video


In the weekend of 19th and 20th of October 2013 a big Kite Landboarding event took place in the Netherlands, organised by Flysurfer Kiteboarding, MBS Mountainboards & Kite-Freaks. The goal was to put a professional KLB event on the annual Dutch event calendar where both riders and interested people in the kite landboarding sport, could visit and join.

Riders from all over Europe gathered at this event to compete, including many Flysurfer & MBS teamriders, to name a few: Emmanuel Norman, A.J. Philipsen, Yusca Balogh, Lennart van Schuilenburg, Laurent Guyot, Tom Haltinger, Luisa Boden, Bas Meerwijk, Jelmer van der Kist & Tim Gilles all showed their skills on the Flysurfer Speed3 and Cronix kites. See them in action in this nice event documentary.

Video & Edit: Dimitur Hristov – The Windcharger
More information: flysurfer.com/news/11419-flymasters-2013-kitelandboard-event-by-kite-freaks-2/

Make sure to check out this video!

Flymasters 2013 - KiteLandBoarding Event from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

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