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Last week the PKRA World Cup in Pingtan (China) took place.Not only because of the long journey to the PKRA in Pingtan, also because of the conditions there, it meant the event was a real challenge for the participants. During the training before the event we already had 35 knots winds and 4m high waves, demanding high concentration and stamina from FLYSURFER teamriders Christine Bönninger (GER) and Atte Kappel (SWE). Tuesday morning the World Cup was visited by Chinese politicians, Media and Press agencies and uncountable visitors during a breathtaking ceremony.

The first few days were filled with the freestyle single and double elimination. Then we were allowed to show all our big air skills. Teamrider Christine had some bad luck in the choice of kite size, so was temporarily overpowered during the Big Air contest, which meant that she was heaving trouble taming her kite;-). Despite all of this she battled hard under tough conditions and achieved a great 3rd place. Given the stormy weather situation which had already improved somewhat on friday again, the Race Committee could not set out the race course, due to the swell and the wind. Thus, the competition for sunday had to be canceled because the organization could not ensure the safety of the riders.

On the following days of competition acceptable conditions were there, however Christine’s was on a losing streak. Best motivated both riders faced the harsh conditions, but here and there some errors remained, meaning Christine loosed out some 1st place races because of the harsh and choppy conditions. In the end Christine could consolidate her 2nd place in slalom and went home with a lot of new experience.

We are delighted to congratulate Christine and Atte with their super performance in China!

Final Results PKRA Worldcup China:


1st Place: Paula Novotná
2nd Place: Christine Bönninger (Flysurfer)
3rd Place: Su Kay

1st Place: Bryan Lake
2nd Place: Ariel Corniel
3rd Place: Julien Kerneur
7th Place: Atte Kappel (Flysurfer)

TT Race

1st Place: Su Kay
2nd Place: Annabel van Westerop
3rd Place: Chen Jingle

1st Place: Julien Kerneur
2nd Place: Sebastian Garat
3rd Place: Atte Kappel (Flysurfer)

Big Air

1st Place: Su Kay
2nd Place: Paula Novotná
3rd Place: Christine Bönninger (Flysurfer)

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