• // Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG donates € 1.500 to charity


Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG donates € 1.500 to charity


Christmas is coming soon…time for family and comfy atmosphere. Unfortunately there are a lot of regions in Germany as well as in other european countries with socially weak families who cannot celebrate Christmas time as it should be. That is why Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG decided to make a donation to several aid organizations instead of donating Christmas presents to business partners. As we did in 2013, Flysurfer have donated funds to an organization named “Move it!”. In 2013/2014 “Move it!” will support a project in Belgrade / Serbia which enables street children and their parents in getting hot meals and good education. You want to read more about this project, please go here: http://www.ewigkite.de/index.php/ghana-20122013.html. X-GLOO donates its money to a foundation called Adventskalender für gute Werke der Süddeutschen Zeitung e.V. (in English: Advent calendar for good work causes founded by Süddeutsche Zeitung). This foundation supports a range of aid projects and welfare organizations in the area of Munich. Skywalk supports an organization called Hilfe für Rumänische Waisenkinder e.V. (in English: Help for Rumanian orphans). In detail the organization helps this children to cure their emotional scars and find a normal and peaceful life.

In this way we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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