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SKM, 10 years…


Col du Lautaret is once again the place for the 10th edition of the SnowKiteMaster from the 11th to 17th of January.

This year the event starts with the snowkite race called YourMood KiteCup/SKM. On the 11th of january, wind conditions were really light and only one heat could be finished. Jerome Josserand finished 1st in the ski division, Flysurfer teamriders Benoit Miquel and Antoine Michea finish 2nd and 3rd.

On Sunday 12th of January all categories could be finished and the final ranking was announced during the price giving in the evening. In the ski division 2 groups of 10 riders were racing and the top five of each heat advanced to the final. In the snowboard division 3 groups of 10 riders with the first 3 advancing to the final. This year Flysurfer has a lot of riders in the qll divisions of the competition. In the Ski division Alex Robin wins his first heat, then meeting Benoit Miquel and Antoine Michea in the final.

Alex wins the final, Pascal Boulgakoff comes 2nd and Jerome Josserand (HQ) places 3rd, Benoit is 5th and Antoine 8th. In the snowboard division Laurent Guyot wins his heat, Lukas Vogeltanz finishes 3rd and Nicolas Gacon 4th .  In the final Lolo reaches the 3rd place just behind Andreas Toverud (Best) and Didier Botta (Rapace).

Big congratulations to Alex and Lolo !
More action to come in the freestyle competition, kickers are huge and ze qre sure the coming week will be awesome.

We will keep you updated everyday on f lysurfer.com

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