• // Flysurfer team reporting live from SKM 2014…


Flysurfer team reporting live from SKM 2014…


On Monday the wind wasn’t enough to start the freestyle competition and snow started falling in the end of the afternoon.

On this day Lolo BSD was the only teamrider to perform… His competition area was at Le Chazelay dancefloor.

This morning snow was still falling and the first kites were launched in the fog on the spot La Ruine east of the Col du Lautaret. Sun didn’t appear but as the fog dissapeared a lot of heats could be finished during the day.

The race director decided to start the day with the ski Men freestyle division, in the first heat Benoit Miquel (Flysurfer) was against the russian Snowkitemaster from 2013 Anton Uzegov(Rapace) and a French rider named Starnier using a Speed4 10m DLX just as Benoit. Anton was 1st, Benoit struggled and was a bit underpowered but came 2nd. Starnier was 3rd.

In heat number 2 Alex Robin (Flysurfer) was against Laurent Sublet (HQ), Laurent wins after the 3rd heat attempt finally succeeded to to have a valid result due to lack of winds. The first of heat 1 was against the number 2 of heat 2, so Alex was up against Anton and Benoit against Laurent for the semi finals. Winds remained to be light, with Alex riding the Speed4 12m Lotus and going all out in his heat against Anton, which he wins! Then Benoit is up, still riding his Speed4 10m DLX and performing a solid heat against Laurent, creating a close finish, but finally wins the heat according to the judges. Which means we have a 100% Flysurfer final at the single elimination of the world SnowKiteMasters 2014 ski freestyle. This final could be ridden at the end of the afternoon, no official announcement has been made on the result yet.

In the snowboard Men freestyle division, the heat started with Laurent Guyot (Flysurfer) against Patrick Andergassen (JN) and Cedric Bontemps (Rapace), Lolo wins his heat and advances easily. In the next heat 3 Flysurfer riders are competing, Yusca Balogh, Lukas Vogeltanz and young French rider Louis Outin. All riders ut up a great show for the crowd. Lukas comes in first, Yusca 2nd and Louis 3rd. Other heat follow with riders Marek Zach (Ozone), Didier Botta (Rapace), Etienne Lhote (Fone), Romain Barachko (Ikon) Camille Ponsonnier (Ikon), Andreas Toverud (Best) and a few others.

In the next freestyle round Lolo and Yusca are up against each other in the same heat, winds died down again and Lolo wins and qualifies for the next round. Lukas is then up against Andergassen, but after starting the heat the wind dies completely and the heat could not be finished, also ending the competition for today.

Tomorrow we will know who won the final of the single elimination of the ski Men freestyle division and the snowboard single elimination ladder will go on with Lukash and Lolo still in the game.

We will keep you updated, all the best from the Flysurfer team at SKM 2014.

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