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SKM 2014 Final…


On Friday 17th morning, last day of the competition, weather was still not good. On the spot lot of snow but also lot of fog. Luckily at the beginning of the afternoon the sun appeared and the competition could start with the snowboard division. Didier Botta (Rapace) is against Marek Zach (Ozone), the heat is very close and Marek wins. Then Laurent « BSD » Guyot(Flysurfer) compete with Andergassen(JN) and Lolo is the winner of the heat. Andreas Toverud (Best) beats Etienne Lhote (Fone).

The 3 winners meet for a semi final, LoloBSD come first of this round and qualify for the final with Marek Zach who is 2nd of the semi final.

Lolo do his best in the final but Marek is this year again the snowkitemaster in the snowboard division. Lolo is 2nd  at 2014 snowkitemaster but he’s also French Snowkite Champion in the snowboard division.

Then the ski division can go for a double elimination, the 4th of the single elimination Laurent Sublet (HQ) is against hte 3rd of the single Anton Uzegov (Rapace). Anton wins and compete with Benoit Miquel (Flysurfer) 2nd of the single, he beats Benoit and reach the final with Alex Robin (Flysurfer) winner of the single elimination. In a very close heat the judges decides to declare Anton winner, leading to a superfinal between Alex and Anton. In the super final Alex is first and 2014 Snowkitemaster in ski division. Anton is 2nd, Benoit Miquel 3rd. Alex is also  French Snowkite Champion in ski division, Benoit is 2nd.

All the Flysurfer team did a great promotion for the brand in this competion.

Congrats and thanks to the Flysurfer teamriders, Alex Robin, Benoit Miquel, Laurent Guyot, Louis Outin, Lukas Vogeltanz, Yusca Balogh. Thanks also to the supporters Nicolas Gacon, Fred « Grave » Jagu, Guillaume N2G, Grégoire Meersmer, Justin Demange and Ramon Shoenmaker.

Congrats to the SKM crew leaded by  Wareck Arnaud et Régis Labaune for this epic 10th anniversary of SKM.

Thanks to the photographers who shot and shared great shots of our teamriders Bertrand Boone, Pascal Boulgakoff, Guillaume Godier, Seb Reynes, Manu Morel.

Photo gallery and videos coming soon on Flysurfer.com,  Kiteunit.com and facebook, stay tuned !

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