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Max – Youngster with great talent


Max is 6 years old and a very talented kiter and wakeboarder. His father Valentin told us how he teaches kiteboarding to his son. Furthermore he gives some tips to other parents how to encourage getting their kids into the sport.

“Max started out with wakeboarding and he was already quite comfortable with the board when he started with the kite. Like this they can forget about the board and focus on kite handling.
The Flysurfer Viron is a very forgiving kite and it took only 10-15 minutes of beach and body dragging sessions to bring him to the point where he got on the board and then quickly went further and further. We chose to follow Max with a boat in the deep water to make him feel secure and give him a lift upwind when needed. Tips for other parents: invest plenty of patience for the first steps and make it playful for the kid(s) with no pressure! They may start with just a few minutes of kite handling first and then try again another time. Get the special kids sizes for both wakeboarding and kiting. It makes a big difference! It appears kids can pick up wakeboarding from 3 or 4 years already, about the same age they can start to ski and swim. Once they can comprehend procedures like quick release they can start to play with a kite under supervision.

We used a Viron 6m DLX for Max who weighs 30kg for winds from 14-18 knots. The board is a 115cm EPIC kids board.”

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