• // Kiteboard Tour Asia, Bintan Indonesia (22-01- 2014 / 26-01-2014)


Kiteboard Tour Asia, Bintan Indonesia (22-01- 2014 / 26-01-2014)


Event report by Dylan van der Meij:

For the second tourstop of the season the KTA visited the beautiful island of Bintan. Bintan is located in the North of Indonesia and a popular destination for all kiters who live in Singapore. The ferry from Singapore leaves several times a day during the whole week. In the weekends the Singapore kiters take the first ferry to, and the last ferry from Bintan to enjoy the beautiful spots and nice weather to its maximum.

This year the KTA held the competition at Trikora beach. The wind at this spot comes from the left during the 3 month wind season from December till the end of February. I arrived 10 days early to get used to the conditions and the big time difference with Europe. In these 10 days the wind was strong, I was riding my Flysurfer Cronix 10m and 8m almost everyday.

On the 22nd of january the registration for the event was open and most riders gave it a go to check out the conditions. Competitors from all over the globe entered the competition. The forecast predicted that the most wind would be during the first 2 days of the event so the organization decided to start with all the freestyle heats first. The riders had 12 attempts to land their most impressive tricks, the best 7 tricks were judged. My first heat was agains Yo from Thailand, he won the freestyle tour two times in a row. I had a good heat, I landed more then 7 different handle passes and this was enough to make me advance to the next round. On the first day of competition I ended up third in de single elimination.

During the second day the wind was a little bit more onshore with nice kickers coming in the bay of Trikora. Today we were going to complete the double elimination! The doubles give each rider a chance to climb up to a higher position in the results. My first heat of the day was against Along from the Philippines. The loser of this heat ends up on a 4th place. Luckily I managed to defeat Along and so was sure of a podium spot. My next heat was for a battle for the 2nd place, which I also won. Now I had to defeat the winner from the single elimination twice to be able to win the event. After the last superfinal heat we finished the freestyle part of the event and had to wait till the end of the week for the results.

The last two days of the event the wind was light but strong enough to do some races and a expression session with all the freestyle riders. I took out my 15m Speed 4 Lotus together with the new Flysplit M from Flysurfer to have fun during these 30 min expression session heats. I landed some good tricks and managed to win!

The last evening we had the award ceremony with local music and dances. The KTA organization really impressed me with their professional attitude and their way of setting up the event!

Final results from KTA Bintan:

Men  Freestyle
1. Dylan van der Meij (NED) (FLYSURFER)
2. Jaka Komocar (SLO)
3. David Shields (GBR)

Women  Freestyle
1. Estefania Rosa (BRA)
2. Kelly Schouten (NED)
3. Rosanna Jury (GBR)

Men’s Expression Session:
1. Dylan van der Meij (NED) (FLYSURFER)

Men Formula Class
1. Yo Narapichit Pudla (THA)
2. Jack Chanon Phrakaew (THA)
3. Nils Stolzlechner (AUT)

Women Formula Class
1. Astrid Berz (SUI)
2. Kathrin Borgwardt (GER)
3. Fon Benyapa Jantawan (THA)

All photos copyright by: Alexandru Baranescu – KTA

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