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KWC Lipno 2014


From January the 31st until February the 2nd the Kite Wildlife Camp (KWC) took place for the 10th time. The event took place in Lipno (CZ). It was a convention/gathering for all snowkiters who also had the chance to test out the kites of numerous brands in the kite industry.

Not just the event but also the unique organization made the weekend a special experience to all participants. The exhibitors and some of the visitors contributed to the fact that during the whole weekend nobody had to pay for entry- and lending fees.

Flysurfer Teamrider Tom Haltiner was in Lipno to support Flysurfer at this event. During the event the Flysurfer newcomer got lots of great feedback. At the beginning of the weekend the weather conditions saw light winds for kiting so there was a big rush on the new Flysurfer kites like the SPEED4 Lotus and PEAK. Altogether there was great interest in testing kites so that the SPEED4 Lotus, the PEAK and the CRONIX had almost continuous operation. Teamrider Tom told us that the visitors noticed a considerable progress while testing the SPEED4 Lotus. Also the Flysurfer PEAK and CRONIX amazed the visitors because of their unique features.

The KWC was a pretty cool event not the least because of the great atmosphere. Big thanks to Marco Peter and all volunteers for organizing this event!

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