• // Flysurfer Teamrider Dylan van der Meij – winner of the KTA Tour 2014


Flysurfer Teamrider Dylan van der Meij – winner of the KTA Tour 2014


Flysurfer Teamrider Dylan van der Meij and Atte Kappel had a very succesful competition series so that Dylan had the chance to win both stops of the KTA – Kiteboard Tour Asia 2014, making him overall winner of the Freestyle 2014 KTA Tour. Atte Kappel also managed some great results. Just to get a short overview both of them have written an exclusive report regarding the last KTA event in the Phillipines.

Report from Dylan van der Meij (NED)

From 19th till the 23rd the final round of the KTA tour took part on Bulabog beach on Boracay. Boracay is a small island in the Philippines, it is only 7,5 km long and 700m wide in the middle. The island is one of the most touristic places in the Philippines and is known as a party island, young tourist from all over the globe come here to enjoy Boracay’s nightlife.

Bulabog Beach is a well known kitespot and a popular holiday destination for many kite surfers from all over the world. The outside reef makes the turquoise water flat or a little bit choppy.

The KTA event had over 100 registered riders and started with light winds so the organization ran the maximum amount of races ( 6 each day ) in the twin-tip and formula boards class. During the week the wind forecast looked more promising for freestyle. With on shore wind over 25 knots I was super powered on my 10m Flysurfer Cronix. The flat water made it easy to land some good powered tricks and I advanced all the way into the final. In one of my heats a massive black cloud passed by and delivered winds over 30 knots. Luckily I landed most of my tricks already just before the wind picked up.

In the final I was against Mike Blomvall from Sweden. Mike participated in many world tour events in the past. I was able to land most of my tricks again and finally won the single eliminations!

The next day we started with the double eliminations, this system gives the riders a second chance to end up higher in the competition ranking. Mike got kicked out by Andrey Salnik from Ukraine so I had to compete against Andrey in the final. He had to beat me twice to take the event title because I won the singles the day before. The wind got really strong and gusty because of the rain and clouds. I had to take a smaller kite for this heat, my 8 meter Cronix. I didn’t had my best heat of the event and Andrey was riding really well, it was a tough decision for the judges. Luckily I won the heat and therefor won the event! I also won the previous event in Indonesia so this made me the overall winner of the KTA tour 2014! I am super happy with my result and want to thank my main sponsors, Flysurfer Kiteboarding and Jobe Watersports for their support during the tour!


Report from Atte Kappel (SWE)

I joined both twintip racing and the formula raceboard class. First day was really tough when we did a total of 12 races in both classes and was in 4th place in the raceboard class. Unfortunately I could not hold on the that place and finished in 6th place after 4 days of hard racing.

In the twin-tip class I was struggling after the two first light wind days, only when the wind picked up in the end of the week I manage to come in 3rd place in 3 different races but still ended up only in 7th place overall.
I’m still happy with the performance and that I manage to hold on to my 3rd place on the 2014 world ranking.
Both the winner Narapichit Pudla from Thailand and Louie Fernando in 3rd place from the Philippines together with me where using boards from FLYSURFER.


Flysurfer is delighted to congratulate teamriders Dylan and Atte with their great performance. KEEP IT UP!

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