• // PKA 2014 Tour stop – Palawan


PKA 2014 Tour stop – Palawan


This was the debut year of the Kiteboard tour in the Philippines (PKA). The PKA organized five events this season all over the Philippines. In the last leg of the PKA ICTSI tour 2014 that took place on the big island of Palawan, FLYSURFER had two international team riders (Atte Kappel and Dylan van der Meij) and one local team rider (Maryjane Jingjing Gajisan) joining the event. Palawan is located in the southern part of the Philippines and is close to the Malaysian island Borneo, it’s famous for great diving in Tobata reef and also for the world longest underground river that is a major tourist attraction. Nevertheless Palawan is not the windiest place in the Philippines.

On the first day of the event there was not even enough wind to run some races. Luckily the wind got better over the next days. The second day of the event the wind was suitable for some light wind racing. Atte joined two disciplines, hangtime and TT-racing. He took out his 21m Speed3 CE Deluxe for every race and dominated the master’s division! After the first day of racing he was in leading position but lost his lead in the first race of the last day to the tour leader Jay Ortis. Atte was using his Speed3 CE DLX 21m and the FlyDoor4 XL. Luckily they managed to do two more races before the end of the competition and so he was able to score two more bullets and managed to get back in 1st place overall. This was his second win on the PKA ICTSI tour and with that Atte managed to finish in second place in the overall in the overall results of the 2014 tour before Carlos Leongson. Maryjane also took part in TT-racing. She was on her Flysurfer Cronix 12m kite and her new board the Flyboards Radical4 L. She was in 3rd place and had exactly the same points as Viola from Finland in second place. Last day of the competition she switched to the new Speed4 Lotus 15m kite and managed to score one bullet in the last race of the competition! This moved her up in the result to a 2nd place only one point behind winner Carla Leongson also from the Philippines. Because of her three previous wins on the tour she managed to win 1st place in the overall rankings.

The PKA also does a hang time competition on every tour stop, this competition is the one everybody wants to win! But this competition also makes for a lot of fun. The person who stays in the air the longest wins the price money and a kite! In the hang time discipline Atte was on his Speed3 21m CE DLX! He was thinking go big or go home! :) So Atte ended up in 2nd place after his team mate Dylan. Atte was happy to lose against Dylan since it means that both 1st and 2nd place will go to Flysurfer teamriders! Dylan also has used the Speed3 21m CE DLX – this kite is perfect to really float through the sky. All participants had three chances to achieve their longest jump, the best jump counted. Dylan´s last jump was the best and straight in front of the judge tower. Finally he was able to win the hangtime.

On the last day, the wind picked up a little bit compared to the previous days, So that they were able to run the freestyle competition. The light winds made it hard to perform tricks with power. Dylan was riding his Speed4 Lotus 15m and the Radical4 L. This set up was all right during the first couple of heats. As long as he got some speed he could do his tricks properly. Dylan made it all the way into the final and then the wind almost completely died. He really had to work the 15m and had troubles staying upwind. Unfortunately he could not do his tricks with a lot of power. The other finalist was a really talented 40kg young boy was riding a 14m kite in the final and was at least 20 kilo’s lighter than Dylan. So a second place only for Dylan in the Freestyle!

Congratulations to our Flysurfer teamriders. Well done guys!


1. Dylan van der Meij (Flysurfer)
2. Atte Kappel (Flysurfer)
3. Ronel Mateo

TT-Racing Masters:
1. Atte Kappel (Flysurfer)
2. Jay Ortis
3. Carlos Leongson

TT-Racing Women:
1. Kara Leongson
2. Maryjane Jingjing Gajisan (Flysurfer)
3. Viola Kaukonen

1. Christiaan Tio
2. Dylan van der Meij (Flysurfer)
3. Reynard Gajisan


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