• // Start of the Infinity 2.0-Bar Upgrade offer

Start of the Infinity 2.0-Bar Upgrade offer


It took long.. Too long, almost till infinity, but now it’s finally here. As of 7th of March 2012 the Infinity Bar 2.0 is available as an upgrade for all customers, who have bought a FLYSURFER kite (Psycho4, Speed3 or Outlaw) with Infinity 1.0 Bar after 1st of April 2011, for the special price of 199 €.

View the Infinity 2.0 Upgrade Bar in the FLYSURFER Online Store

And what happens with current Flysurfer products?
To prevent a constant back and forth, we had to take a general decision in regards to the new bar. A standard upgrade to the Infinity 2.0 bar on our current products, such as Speed3, Psycho4 or Outlaw, is unfortunately still not possible due to the limited production capacity and high quality control tolerances we apply to these bars. The Infinity 2.0-Bar will therefor only be the standard bar on the Unity as well as on all new kite products for the future.

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