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Ragnarok 2012


The infamous Red Bull Ragnarok Race took place once again at the Norwegian Haugastol on the 12th- 15th April 2012, with over 200 competitors from all over the world. The name „Ragnarok“ stems from Norse mythology, describing the final battle between good and evil where only the heroes of the battlefield survive. The Red Bull Ragnarok Race brings this myth to life; only a fraction of the 200 snow kite heroes will succeed. Endurance is paramount, and only the toughest riders end up making it across finish line.

The 200 riders from all over the world who accept the challenge at the biggest Snowkite-Event in the world must survive 5 rounds after a mass start, putting 70 km behind them. Because of the good winds and the very fair competition conditions this year, around 20 riders finished the whole race.

Michael Kaspar (SUI), Flysurfer Kiteboarding team rider and Reinhold Gehrer alias „Fisch“ (Shop-promoter of Snowboardgarage.at) both started with Flysurfer Kites and kept themselves in the race for a long time. Michael Kaspar achieved an outstanding 5th place in the Men Ski category with an impressive total time of 1h17min. Reinhold Gehrer reached the 4th place in the Men Board category after a total time of 1h19min.

The Flysurfer-Team congratulates Michael Kaspar and Reinhold Gehrer for their sensational performances at the Red Bull Ragnarok 2012.

Here is an excerpt of the travel report from Michael Kaspar:

I was highly motivated at the start this year, following up my successes in March. The terrain of the race looked much fairer than a year ago, meaning that the leaders would be much closer together. This year, I relied on the eternal Ragnarok winner Bjorn and I shadowed him in the first round so that I could benefit from his knowledge of location. After the start, I followed Bjorn and fought at the head behind him, which was certainly good tactics in hindsight. The lead pack consisted of Bjorn, Nils, Sasha, Thorsten, Therie and I; four locals and a Russian with me, which really pleased me. In the second round, Sasha had to fight to come back as he had fallen in the downhill course. But I knew that he would come back again. Therie put up the toughest fight, passing me on the downhill section. I later passed him again always on the cross. This went on until the final lap. In the last lap I decided “no more” to spare my knees in the downhill and rode with my downhill skis, fully powered up, down the hill. And so, Therie could no longer pass me and I was able to finish the race in 5th place.

I have now wrapped up a really great season and I am really looking forward to the challenges that next season will bring.


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