• // Wild Lake Session 2013

Wild Lake Session 2013


Many kiters from Italy and the surrounding countries followed Attila Monsagratis‘ invitation for the Wild Lake Session from the 18th – 24th of February.

Flysurfer was there from the 21st – 24th of February. In the Flysurfer Lounge everybody had the chance to rent and test Flysurfer kites. As a special treat Flysurfer offered the possibility to relax and warm up in an adventureSPA hot tub.


Nike and Roman – the winners of a Flysurfer lottery – spent a snowkite weekend including kite lessons with Flysurfer teamrider Luisa. With her easy going personality Luisa managed to infect them both with the kite virus. Sledgekiting proved to be an interesting, unusual kite experience. Only skilled riders were able to stay on the sledge when riding curves – practice makes perfect.

Apart from the sportive highlights Attila’s’ parties proved to be legendary once again. Attila and all participants made up for a superb atmosphere, noteworthy is of course the lottery by Attila. Hard battles for the prices were fought out in different disciplines like women arm wrestling.

On Sunday the 24th of February it was time for the Kitetracker Speed contest. On behalf of the Kitetracker app the winner was determined by the highest speed reached. At the end of the day Oliver, HP and Patti found themselves on the places from 1 – 3. They received attractive prices from Flysurfer, schwerelosigkite and Kitetracker. With a punctual estimation of the fastest speed Sigrun managed to win the schwerelosigkite special challenge. She received a schwerelosigkite wash bag.


The Wild Lake Session 2013 proved once again to be fantastic event and we are looking forward to next year’s edition.

Pictures by Flysurfer

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