• // WISSA WM 2013 in Kalajoki Finnland

WISSA WM 2013 in Kalajoki Finnland


Great success for Flysurfer riders Christelle and Raimo from SNOWKITE ANGELS and Michael Kaspar at the World Championship in ice and snow sailing which was held last week in Kalajoki/Finland.

Christelle fought hard and managed to become vice champion for the 4th time in a row, only beaten by Elena Kalinina, a 15 year old Russian sailing talent. As a fair rider Christelle congratulated Elena and gave her a necklace ring with “champion” graved into it.

Christelle is committed to Flysurfer for some years and quotes; “I love my Flysurfer kites”

Raimo had a very successful competition, with winning the grand master title and becoming World Champion in that category, with an 8th place overall in a competition that was dominated by experienced snowkite racers from Russia.

The story of Michael is a little bit different as his gear did not make it on the plane and arrived in Kalajoki one day late, just before the start of the first race. He managed to reach a 5th, 8th and 6th place on the first day with his Flysurfer Speed3 CE 19m Deluxe. After low winds and hard competitions in the next two days he managed to reach 10th place in the overall rankings, just two points behind the best rider from Finland.

Altogether the WISSA event was challenging in choosing the right kites as conditions were a mix of low winds up to snowstorms and blizzards with 40 knot wind peaks. The whole event was perfectly organized by the WISSA organization. All our riders had a great time in Finland and really enjoyed the hospitality and helpfulness of the Finish people. We are looking forward to next year’s event but now it is time to concentrate on the upcoming events, first of all the enduro kite World Championship of VAKE 2013, which starts in a few weeks.

Under this link you will find a small video of the event.

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