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Speed3 Information

// Speed3 – The ultimate light wind weapon

// Performance Redefined

Until the Speed2, there has never been a kite that represented the measure of things in lightwind performance and hangtime for two years in a row. It was definitely not easy to top this milestone in kite development.

After a 12-month development period, the introduction of new construction software, many hours of overtime, more than three time as much testing input from all around the world, as well as the addition of Andreas Hanrieder to our development team, Flysurfer has succeeded in raising the bar of high performance kites yet again with the Speed3.

When it comes to depower, agility and stability, the development team surrounding Armin Harich has just set the benchmark higher!

// Flight Performance & Safety

Whether you are into racing, old-school freestyle, big-airs or light-wind cruising, the Speed3 sets a new benchmark and redefines performance and fun in all wind conditions. The Speed3 is distinguished by its legendary and unrivaled light-wind performance.

Depower within arms reach is very direct, easy and precise like no other kite in this class. Jumps have never been easier and lightwind kiting has never been that much fun with butter smooth landings and amazing hangtime…

// Safety

Stability, especially in strong or gusty winds, has grown to a level previously unknown in this kite class. The Triple Depower System gives the Speed3 its unbelievable wind range. Despite a high aspect ratio, the Speed3 flies like it’s nailed to the sky and won’t get unpredictable, even with more power. This provides additional safety, and helps with jumps. The safety function underwent a complete redesign, in order to cover the wider wind range. The tapered leading edge with four lines provides for excellent flagging-out of the Speed3 on the FLS Safety with an even better relaunch.


Technical Data

// Technical Data

KiteSpeed3 CE 12.0Speed3 CE 15.0Speed3 CE 19.0Speed3 CE 21.0
Standard colourSpeed3 colour size 12.0Speed3 colour size 15.0Speed3 colour size 19.0N/A
Deluxe-EditionSpeed3 Coloured-Edition 12.0Speed3 Coloured-Edition 15.0Speed3 Coloured-Edition 19.0Speed3 Coloured-Edition 21.0
Area (m²)
Area (projected)10.212.816.217.9
Surface Ratio70…85%70…85%70…85%70…85%
change of the projected size when powering up21%21%21%21%
Aspect Ratio5.
Line length (m)21212121+6
"Kite only" weight in kg (=canopy + complete bridle + mixer) - CE Deluxe
Depth of the profile (cm)167187210221
Span in cm (flat size)83192910461100
Line Plan
Line Plan Speed3 12.0Line Plan Speed3 15.0Line Plan Speed3 19.0Line Plan Speed3 21.0
Speed3 Gear GuideSpeed3 Gear GuideSpeed3 Gear GuideSpeed3 Gear Guide

Wind Range (knots)

The Wind Range Chart is to be used as a point of reference. It is based on a rider who weighs around 75kg (165lbs.) Actual use will vary depending on your weight, skill level, conditions on the Water or Land, Board Size and skill level. When choosing the Kite size always use common sense and always choose a smaller size if you are not sure, especially when using the kite on land.

Kite12. (Deluxe)
Water / Standard-Edition12 – 2511 - 229 - 18-
Land / Standard-Edition10 - 229 - 187 - 15-
Water / Deluxe-Edition10 – 259 - 227 – 186 - 17
Land/ Deluxe-Edition9 - 228 - 186 - 155 - 12


Test Reports

// Test Reports

SPEED3 21.0 m² Deluxe-Edition[en]TimmyC @ masskiting.comAugust 2014
SPEED3 21.0 m² Deluxe-Edition[de]KitelifeJahrbuch 2014
SPEED3 21.0 m²[pt]Marlon @ kiteuga.comAugust 2011
SPEED3 21.0 m²[eng]shem@KSW http://forum.kitecrowd.comAugust 2011
SPEED3 21.0 m²[eng]Tony @ sxkiteaddicts.co.ukJuly 2011
SPEED3 21.0 m²[eng]Luke @ extremekites.comMarch 2011
SPEED3 21.0 m² Deluxe-Edition [eng]Marcus Woodbridge @board-mag.comFebruary 2011
SPEED3 12.0 m²videoiksurfmag.comNovember 2010
SPEED3 12.0 m² Deluxe-Edition[eng]ikitesurfmag page 125/126October 2010
SPEED3 21.0 m² Deluxe-Edition[ger]Carsten @ ewigkite.deSeptember 2010
SPEED3 21.0 m² Deluxe-Edition[eng]Lmrutledge @ foilzone.comSeptember 2010
SPEED3 15.0 m² Deluxe-Edition[eng]kiteingcolin @ kiteboarder.co.ukSeptember 2010
SPEED3 21.0² Deluxe-Edition[eng]various @ foilzone.comAugust 2010
SPEED3 21.0² Deluxe-Edition [ger]Phil @ oase.comAugust 2010
SPEED3 19.0 m² Deluxe-Edition [ger]Chrisair @ boardshop.atAugust 2010
SPEED3 15.0 m² Deluxe-Edition[ger]Chrisair @ boardshop.atAugust 2010
SPEED3 12.0 m²[ger]Chrisair @ boardshop.atAugust 2010
SPEED3 21.0 m²[ger]Mischa @ kitejunkie.comAugust 2010
SPEED3 19.0 m² Deluxe-Edition[ger]various Users @ oase.comAugust 2010
SPEED3 21.0 m² Deluxe-Edition[nl]Olaf @ powerkiter.nlJuly 2010
SPEED3 12.0 m² Deluxe-Edition [esp]pablowing @prokitespain.comJune 2010
SPEED3 12.0 m²[eng]Ben GillespieJune 2010
SPEED3 15.0 m²[ger]Carsten @ ewigkite.deMay 2010
SPEED3 15.0 m² Deluxe-Edition[eng]sbckiteboard.comMay 2010
SPEED 3 15.0 m²[eng]Kiteworld MagazineApril 2010
SPEED 3 15m² Deluxe-Edition[nl]Corsurf @ Kitehigh.nlApril 2010
SPEED3 19.0 m² Deluxe-Edition[eng]clubkite @ clubkite.asiaMarch 2010
SPEED3 12.0 m²[nl]SnaB @ powerkiters.nlFebruary 2010
SPEED3 19.0 m² Deluxe-Edition [ger]spacekiter @ oase.comJanuary 2010
SPEED3 19.0 m² [eng]Joel @ Extremekites. comDecember 2009
SPEED3 12.0 & 15 m² Deluxe-Edition[eng]Stuart @ Extremekites.comDecember 2009
SPEED3 19.0 m² [eng]FredBGG @ Kiteforum.comNovember 2009
SPEED3 12.0 m²[eng]Mountainkiter @ kiteforum.comNovember 2009
SPEED3 15.0 m²[fr]landkitemag.comNovember 2009
SPEED3 12.0 m²[eng]Fred @ seabreeze.comOctober 2009
SPEED3 19.0 m²[eng]Karl @ foilzone.comOctober 2009
SPEED3 15.0 m² Deluxe-Edition [eng]fernman @ foilzone.comOctober 2009
SPEED3 19.0 m²[eng]H53Dryver @ foilzone.comSeptember 2009
SPEED3 15.0 m² [eng]marcuswoodbridge.comSeptember 2009
SPEED3 19.0 & 15.0[ger]Phil @ oase.comAugust 2009
SPEED3 15.0 m²[ger]kiteschule.comAugust 2009


Limited Deluxe Edition

// Speed3 Limited Deluxe Edition

Its origins developed out of a facebook survey based on two photo shop variations in 2011, but due to the huge positive feedback, the new colors became reality within just a few months.

This was the beginning of the first Limited Deluxe Edition with neon green Deluxe material. A total of 200 kites sold out in just a few weeks. In January of 2012, we introduced the purple edition variation, limited to 150 kites.

These kites are available without any additional charge, but only as long as supplies last! That means – act quickly when we introduce a limited edition. To emphasize this special edition, the material used will be implemented ONLY in these kites, and will not be available for individual kites!

In the future, we will be producing individual smaller kite series more often, for example, the “Speed3 Italian Edition”, which will be available for our Italian fans beginning in February of 2012.