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Speed4 Lotus … just unique!

The SPEED4 Lotus is now available in the following sizes: 6.0/8.0/10.0/12.0/15.0/18.0/21.0m

// Maximum Performance

The Speed4 Lotus is the most performance orientated kite that we have ever had at Flysurfer. The Speed product line has become a synonym for pure performance, ever since its introduction in 2001. A sleek and stretched out machine ensuring low-end performance, maximum upwind ability and airtime. The key to the sustained success of the Speed line was the continuous improvement of the overall performance – “power is nothing without control” could have been the slogan for the Speed3. Turning ability, handling, stability and depower have reached a very high level. With the Speed4 Lotus, we were able to gain another step in both “power” as well as “control”. The improved design and profiles in conjunction with the new Lotus cloth push the boundaries of low-end, upwind, lift and hangtime one more time.

// The Best Materials

At Flysurfer we have always set high standards on quality and durability. With the Speed4 Lotus we bring this philosophy to the next level. The highlight is use of a completely new type of cloth material with a so-called lotus effect, an industry first in kiteboarding. This material is not only extremely airtight and has excellent water- and stain-resistance, it is so smooth that we can not even print on the kite. The Lotus cloth is a staggering 25 percent lighter than our already very light deluxe cloth! This weight reduction means: the kite is flying even earlier, can be packed-up smaller, is easier than ever before to get out of the water and the cloth remains airtight even after countless hours of flight time – maintaining the same performance as the day you bought it.. For the Speed4 Lotus we are also introducing thinner, low-resistance flying lines. The new lines are even stiffer but much thinner, while retaining the same breaking loads as before. The Speed4 Lotus will use the Frontline Safety as the default safety system, however a 5th line safety (FDS) will be offered as an optional accessory. To round the complete package off, the Speed4 Lotus will be offered with the 6 month Free Repair Warrantee as well!

// Uniqueness

Flysurfer has always chosen its own unique way. Product cycles of two, three and sometimes even more years are normal for us. We follow an improvement-oriented approach to development, meaning we only release products when significant progress has been made. The Speed4 Lotus flies even earlier, is more stable in the sky, turns better and also jumps higher than its predecessor. Through the use of Lotus-cloth for the first time in a kite product, we were able to increase the longevity of the kite and the special material properties are simply amazing … You’ll feel it. The new 18.0m2 will be the desired size between 15.0m2 and 21.0m2 for many … we are convinced that the Speed4 Lotus will make your next kite session an unforgettable experience.

//Highlights of the SPEED4 6.0, 8.0m and 10.0m LOTUS

.. Higher aspect ratio design of AR5.8 instead of AR4.8, producing more performance, lift and hangtime!
.. More cells for even more rigidity, efficiency and less drag
.. Completely re-worked canopy profiles
.. Lotus kite cloth – lighter weight, water/stain repellent and extremely airtight
.. Thinner but just as strong dyneema core flying lines for even less drag
.. The old-school/airstyle/hangtime machine is now also a high-wind weapon of choice!
.. Incredibly fast and efficient, and not only around a race course

// The Ready-to-Fly Speed4 Lotus package consists of:

  • 1x Speed4 Lotus kite
  • 1x Infinity 2.0 Control Bar with 21m flying lines
  • 1x Accessory Kit (including Safety Leash, Repair Kit, Suicide Loop, Sandbag, Depower line, Spare Part Lines and additional replacement parts)
  • 2x Gear Guides (Kite & Bar separately)
  • 1x Speed4 Bag
  • 12 month Free Repair Warrantee by Flysurfer

// Features

Full details of the SPEED4 Lotus Package…

// Unbelievable low-end

The Speed4 Lotus reduces the minimum wind requirements considerably. Especially in combination with high-performance kite race boards and hydrofoils this advantages is very noticeable.

// Maximum performance

The optimized and smoother profiles of the top and bottom sails as well as the reduced line drag effect, have a noticeable effect on the total performance of the wing. Thanks to these new technologies, a significant increase in performance has been achieved on the Speed4 Lotus.

// Lotus cloth

Thanks to our new Lotus cloth water and dirt is repelled from the kite in an unprecedented fashion. The air tightness of this new cloth is second to none. The fabric is very sleek and makes for an extremely smooth top and bottom sail. The Lotus cloth material is 25 percent lighter than our popular deluxe cloth, this advantage is clearly noticeable: earlier flying, tighter turning and more stability, just to name a few.

// Reduced pack-size

Because of the Lotus cloth, packing size is again significantly reduced, so your kite luggage will become even more compact.

// Optimized sizing

SPEED4 Lotus is now available in the following sizes: 6.0/8.0/10.0/12.0/15.0/18.0/21.0m

// High performance flying lines

Thanks to new Dyneema core fibers, we could reduce the diameter of the new high-performance lines significantly, creating less drag, while retaining the same breaking loads of the lines.

// Uniform Bar setup

The Speed4 Lotus Infinity 2.0 Control Bar uses the 1m long leader lines of the CRONIX. This allows the control bar to be used on both kites. It is only necessary to ensure that the stopper knot is set to the longest FLS position of the kite which is used.

// Optional 5th line safety

By default, the Speed4 Lotus is equipped with a frontline safety (FLS). For fans and supporters of the fifth line safety system, we have developed a FDS upgrade-kit, which can be ordered in our online-shop or at a Flysurfer dealer near you.

// Quality of workmanship and durability

The product-life and the value sustainability of our products is very important to us. The Lotus cloth has superb durability values despite its lightness, offering extreme performance even after many kite sessions.

// Infinity 2.0 Bar

The Speed4 Lotus package is completed with our proven Infinity 2.0 Control Bar which has been impressing riders since its introduction to the market. Key features include our safe & dependable quick release and super smooth line untwisting function even after endless rotations.

// 12 month Free Repair Warrantee by Flysurfer

More details can be found here


// Technical Data

Kite Speed4 Lotus 6.0 Speed4 Lotus 8.0Speed4 Lotus 10.0Speed4 Lotus 12.0Speed4 Lotus 15.0Speed4 Lotus 18.0Speed4 Lotus 21.0
Lotus ClothSpeed4 Lotus 12.0
grass green
Speed4 Lotus 15.0
sunny yellow
Speed4 Lotus 18.0
Speed4 Lotus 12.0
grass green
Speed4 Lotus 15.0
sunny yellow
Speed4 Lotus 18.0
Speed4 Lotus 21.0
Area (m²)
Area (projected)
Surface Ratio70...85%70...85%70...85%70…85%70…85%70…85%70…85%
change of the projected size when powering up21%21%21%21%21%21%21%
Aspect Ratio5.
Line length (m)21212121212121(+6)
"Kite only" weight in kg (=canopy + complete bridle + mixer) - Lotus cloth1.
Depth of the profile (cm)118136153167187205221
Span in cm (flat size)54262670083192910181100
Line Plan
Line Plan Speed4 Lotus 6.0Line Plan Speed4 Lotus 8.0Line Plan Speed4 Lotus 10.0Line Plan Speed4 Lotus 12.0Line Plan Speed4 Lotus 15.0Line Plan Speed4 Lotus 18.0Line Plan Speed4 Lotus 21.0
Speed4 Lotus Gear GuideSpeed4 Lotus Gear GuideSpeed4 Lotus Gear GuideSpeed4 Lotus Gear GuideSpeed4 Lotus Gear GuideSpeed4 Lotus Gear GuideSpeed4 Lotus Gear Guide

// Windrange in knots

The Wind Range Chart is to be used as a point of reference. It is based on a rider who weighs around 75kg (165lbs.) Actual use will vary depending on your weight, skill level, board size and the wind conditions on the Water or Land. When choosing the Kite size always use common sense and always choose a smaller size if you are not sure, especially when using the kite on land.

Water / Lotus-Cloth13-3611-329-299-268-236-205-18
Land / Lotus-Cloth13-3511-319-278-237-195-174-13

// Price

Kite (Price in € inc. 19% tax)
Lotus-Cloth (ready to fly)1549,-1699,-1849,-1999,-2199,-2399,-2599,-

//Test Reports

Speed4 Lotus 10.0m²[fr]Tatahi @ Tubelesskite03/2015
Speed4 Lotus 8.0m²[de]Deichheld@oase.com03/2015
Speed4 Lotus 6.0m²[en]Kite4Fun.cz03/2015
Speed4 Lotus 12.0m²[de]ewigkite.de03/2015
Speed4 Lotus 6.0m²[de]BalticKiteCenter 02/2015
Speed4 Lotus[it]Standuppaddling.it01/2015
Speed4 Lotus 15.0 m²[en]Eppo @ Seabreeze.com.au01/2015
Speed4 Lotus 18.0 m²[en]Iksurfmag12/2014
Speed4 Lotus 21.0 m²[en]JohnnyMc @ Seabreeze.com.au11/2014
Speed4 Lotus 12.0 & 15.0 m²
[de]Deichheld @ oase.com11/2014
Speed4 Lotus 10.0 m²[de]Deichheld @ oase.com11/2014
Speed4 Lotus 8 & 10.0 m²
[de]Boardway.org / Peter Goldbach10/2014
Speed4 Lotus 10.0 m²
[de]Kiting Benny10/2014
Speed4 Lotus 8.0 & 10.0m²
[de]BalticKiteCenter / Sven Schade10/2014
Speed4 Lotus 18.0m²
[en]FredBGG @ kiteforum.com10/2014
Speed4 Lotus 15.0 m² [en]Kitesurfasia Koh Phangan07/2014
Speed4 Lotus 21.0 m² [de]Gleiten TV08/2014
Speed 4 Lotus[de]Kite&Friends Magazine06/2014
Speed4 Lotus 21.0 m² [en]Johan @ Kiteforum.com06/2014
Speed4 Lotus 21.0 m²[de]kiteboarding.eu07/2014
Speed4 Lotus [de]kitejunkie.com06/2014
Speed4 Lotus 15.0m² [en]Lars @ Flysurfer Norway Facebook Group04/2014
Speed4 Lotus 15.0m² [fr]Xavier @ Chinook-leucate.com04/2014
Speed4 Lotus 12.0m² [en]Fred @ Seabreeze.com.au04/2014
Speed4 Lotus 18.0m² [en]Kitefinder.com04/2014
Speed4 Lotus 15.0m² [en]Atte Kappel04/2014
Speed4 Lotus 15.0 & 21.0m² [de]oase.com03/2014
Speed4 Lotus[en]Board.mag.com03/2014
Speed4 Lotus 15.0m²[en]Kitefinder.com03/2014
Speed4 Lotus 21.0m²[en]Lmrutledge02/2014
Speed4 Lotus 21.0m²[de]Boardway.org / Peter Goldbach02/2014
Speed4 Lotus 12.0m²[en]Bas Meerwijk - Kite–Freaks12/2013
Speed4 Lotus 12.0m²[nl]Bas Meerwijk - Kite–Freaks12/2013
Speed4 Lotus[es]KiteProki12/2013
Speed4 Lotus[nl]Versus Kitesurfshop12/2013
Speed4 Lotus[de]Boardway.org 12/2013
Speed4 Lotus[de]BalticKiteCenter / Sven Schade12/2013
Speed4 Lotus[de]Kitejunkie.com / Michael Malina12/2013
Speed4 Lotus
[de]Boardway.org / Peter Goldbach12/2013