Order new lines, if you have ripped or damaged ones

In case that you are requesting a replacement line for your FLYSURFER kite, it´s possible to place the order for the necessary lines directly and easily in our online-shop. Continuative information regarding the order process you will find in the online-shop at the category line service.


  1. Choose your kite
  2. Open the PDF and find your line type
  3. Remember the type reference of your damaged line
  4. Go to our Online Store and select your kite size, desired line type and amount
  5. Complete your order and wait for the shipment

Line plans

Select your kite model and size, open the PDF, and locate the line you need.


Note: For Sonic-FR spare-part-lines please send us an E-mail (with model name, size, serial number of the kite and a list of needed spare-part lines)

Original Flysurfer spare parts

Do you need a new line for your Flysurfer Kite? Order a replacement quickly and easily through our Shop!

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